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Equities have historically given investors the highest returns amongst all financial instruments across the globe. When you invest in carefully chosen equities, you become a part owner of robust promising enterprises and are thus able to be a part of their growth story.

We at IFM, provide you a platform to participate and profit from India’s growth story by carefully guiding you through various investment opportunities which arise time and again in our equity markets. As much are the rewards for investing in a good company, the process brings forth the concomitant risk of loss of capital, should the identified opportunity not turn out as desired by the investor. This is where IFM advisor brings in its professional research and helps you identify the right opportunity for making profits. In the large universe of Indian equity markets, it is imperative that one is able to carefully analyze the specific sector, industry structure and do a thorough analysis of the company’s past performance and future prospects to come up with key insights. 

Equity advisors in India is relatively a new service as compared to the developed world. At IFM, we have guided our clients to many a profit making opportunities, helped them to create alpha through our model portfolio and provided them direct equity calls by identifying undervalues stocks and growth companies in the early stage of growth, which often provide the highest returns to the investor. Our award winning financial advisors have come up with a proprietary Model Portfolio which has given a much better performance than the index and has provided a simple and best-in-class investment avenue to our clients.In this process, we would like to educate our investors to take informed decisions. 
To facilitate, we offer SMART QUOTE, which is an exhaustive database of more than 7000 companies. It provides information about the companies which helps clients to take an informed decision.