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FAQ - Equities

What do you mean by Equity/ Stock ? 
Equity or common stock is the original capital invested into a business by its promoters. It is divided into shares, which represent equal ownership. 

Why do companies issue shares to the public ?
When the needs of the business cannot be met by internal funds, additional funds are sought by diluting the promoter’s and other participants share holdings. 

What is a Stock Market ?
A Stock Market is a mechanism through which publically issued company  shares and their derivatives can be traded . It allows corporate to raise funds through public issues. 

What is a Stock Exchange ? 
A Stock Exchange is a regulated and defined corporate entity which allows the business of a stock market to be undertaken. Two main exchanges in India are the NSE and the BSE. 

What is a Stock Index ?
A Stock Index is a mathematical construction in which we seek to capture togther the movements of a group of stock prices. Eg. The Nifty, or the Sensex or the Bank Nifty are popular indices in India. 

What is meant by Market Capitalsation ? 
Market Capitalisation is defined as the product of the total number of shares outstanding of a company to the closing price of the recent most share(s) traded on the exchange. 

What is an Initial Public Offer (IPO) ?
An IPO is an initial offering to the general public, of existing or fresh shares of a company. It is one of the means of raising money by a corporate.

What is a Depository ? 
A Depository is an institution where shares, debentures, bonds, government securities etc. are stored in electronic form.

Why Innovative Financial Management?

Innovative Financial Management is a member of National Stock Exchange (NSE) (INB/INF/INE 231349318) and provides its clients:

INTEGRATED PLATFORM – We provide you with updated portfolios - NOW (Neat on Web)

WEEKLY MARKET PULSE - We send a ‘Weekly Market Pulse’ which gives you insight into various activities in the Financial Market and future outlook on a weekly basis.  

MORNING HUDDLE – We provide you with weekly updates on both Indian and Global Indices and majorly traded commodities. 

TRADING RECOMMENDATIONS - We give weekly TRADING recommendations via SMS and also send through our complete rationale for selecting that particular stock. 

STATE of ART TECHNOLOGY – we provide you access to Updated.Portfolios. 

NO SPECULATION - We do not believe in SPECULATION and advice is purely Investment based in the client’s interest

NO CHURNING in portfolios

UNBIASED ADVISORY – We provide our clients unbiased advisory after a thorough analysis of economic and financial events and their implications in a very lucid and elaborate manner.

IN HOUSE RESEARCH – We provide COMPANY RESEARCH REPORTS from in house Research Team. We have arguably the world’s best technical software for analyzing client requirements.

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