Fixed Income
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Fixed Income

A bond represents a contract under which a borrower promises to repay interest and principal on specific dates to holders of the bond. A bond carries a specific interest rate which is called the coupon rate. The coupon is the amount the bondholder will receive as interest payments.

Yield to Maturity (YTM) is the rate of return you will earn if you buy the bond and hold it to maturity. YTM considers the current coupon income as well as the capital gain or loss the investor will realize by holding the bond to maturity. A basic property of the bond is that its price varies inversely with the yield. They behave like two sides of a see-saw. This is because, as the yield decreases, the present value of the cash flows increases, hence the price increases. Conversely, when the yield increases, the present value of the cash flow decreases.

Investing in Fixed Income is a traditional and safe way to invest.


Innovative Financial Management in its function as a Fixed Deposit Advisory helps you to invest in the following debt instruments:


  • Debt mutual funds

o Liquid funds

o Short term income funds

o Long term income funds

o Gilt funds

o Monthly income plans

o Floating rate funds

o Fixed maturity plans


  • Fixed Deposits
  • Non Convertible Debentures
  • Infrastructure Bonds
  • Capital Gain Bonds

Various Fixed Income Options