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Every person always looks for Best Investment Options and Plans to park his money. He wants to save his hard earned money. However, it is never easy to get the right mix of investment products. It becomes an even tougher task to find the right fund amid hundreds on offer. One wrong choice could lead you to lose money in a big way. India has one of the highest savings rate in the world however, the savings are not invested in a wise manner. Even the increasing number and complexity of financial products make it imperative that financial literacy be provided to all. Financial literacy can make a difference not only in the quality of life that individuals can afford, but also the integrity and quality of markets. We, Innovative Financial Management (IFM), who has been awarded with Best Financial Advisor Award by CNBC TV 18, would like to take this opportunity to transform a nation of savers into a country of financially literate by giving individuals a lifelong GIFT (Guide for Investments Financial Literacy for better tomorrow). The Book GIFT is prepared and designed by IFM keeping in mind that every individual not only understand the basics tenets of investments but even can apply them in all stages of their Life Cycle (education, earnings and retirement)

Nobody is more interested in your financial wellness than yourself. Please provide us your Email ID to have a free e-book on Guide for Investments Financial Literacy for better tomorrow and GET SMARTER about money.