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Initial Public Offering has often been a very rewarding exercise. If the issuing company is a strong one, you can reap good returns by investing at an early stage. However, risks exist due to lack of past performance data as well as incorrect valuations. Thus, it requires in depth analysis of the company before one invests.

IFM’s IPO Analysis segment has been designed taking into consideration the important parameters of the IPO research. Our recommendations are based on the analysis of the fundamentals of the company as well as the industry vis-à-vis the Valuations at which the IPO is being offered. Our research team thoroughly analyses the Company’s Management and its financials (cash flow, debt, profit margin etc.)

You can get the detailed information of existing & forthcoming IPOs from our IPO TRACKER. Write in to us at helpdesk@ifmglobal.in for any query on forthcoming public offers.