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Mutual Funds - Product Offering

Innovative Financial Management assists you in selecting the right mutual fund based on your risk profile and time 
horizon and the prevailing market conditions. Based on our in-house analysis we prepare recommended mutual fund 
sheet across various assets every month.

We look at various factors while deciding the best Mutual Funds suited for your needs.  Our process involves first 
assessing your category as an investor by doing a through profiling based upon our in house award winning Profiling 
tool.  Based upon your profile we advice you on asset allocation which looks into various factors like your time 
horizon, Risk Capacity, need analysis, present financial condition including the asset & liability position.

The major USPs for investing with IFM for Mutual Funds are:

  • Consolidated Account Statement for all your Mutual Funds
  • Online access for daily updation of NAVs
  • Automatic updation of all your transaction on the online platform
  • Timely advice as to any transaction required for your account
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager and Service Manager for all your queries
  • Online transactions available through NOW Platform of NSE
  • Categorization of Mutual Funds in various Categories in Debt & Equity universe making it easy for you to understand and appreciate the funds required by you
  • Highest number of factors analyzed in selecting the best performing Mutual Funds on month on month basis

Key factors we look at selecting the various Mutual Funds in Debt & Equity Categories are summarized here for your 
quick reference

  • Debt
  • Past Performance
  • Asset Quality
  • Maturity & Duration
  • Expense Ratio & Exit Load
  • Standard Deviation & Sharpe Ratio
  • Downside Risk & Probability
  • Equity
  • Past Performance
  • Expense Ratio & Exit Load
  • Risk Factors summarized by Beta & Standard Deviation
  • Risk Adjusted Returns viz Sharpe Ratio, Treynor Ratio & Alpha
  • Selectivity Indicators viz Fama & Return due to selectivity

For a better understanding of our services & product suite kindly contact our Office in your city.

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