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  • Manmohan Lal Sarin
    Senior Advocate, Punjab & Haryana High Court

    ""Heartiest congratulations to Innovative for completing five wonderful and successful years of existence... They are doing a marvelous job in Chandigarh and around.The importance of such consultancy is that they should be successful not only when the market is going through a bull phase but also when it is going through a bear phase and that I can vouch for that they have done a great job. Their service is highly professional and personal and their response time is the minimum...""
  • Gen. Amarjit Singh Kahlon

    ""The opportunities so suggested are readily executed, where so mandated. Such ongoing personal attention is not readily available from corporate portfolio management service providers due to their inaccessibility and frequent changes in staff...""
  • Mr. Harpal Singh
    Alumni Harvard Business School

    ""It has been very satisfying to have them as our investment consultants. Their knowledge base, trust they inspired and ethics they observed are outstanding. I wish them well and glorious success in the future...""
  • Mr B. S. Devgan
    Executive Director, Swaraj Mazda Ltd.,

    ""Mr. Iqbal Singh has been very kind personally with his time, with his advice, forgetting that I have a very small, minuscule investment. I would like to see in future, in not very distant future, Mr. Iqbal Singh to grow to higher heights and my ambition will be to see him as owner of a bank, may be a small one which naturally will grow to a big one once he starts...""
  • Mr. Jasjit Singh Bunny
    MLA, Banur

    ""I have had a very fruitful experience in this company... relationship wise and business wise my portfolio has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years... We need young, dynamic professionals like Iqbal and his company, his team and take our experiences from India, merge them globally and get experiences all over the world and give us ideas, give us direction, and show us light...""