Manmohan Lal Sarin Senior Advocate, Punjab Haryana High Court

""Heartiest congratulations to Innovative for completing five wonderful and successful years of existence... They are doing a marvelous job in Chandigarh and around.The importance of such consultancy is that they should be successful not only when the market is going through a bull phase but also when it is going through a bear phase and that I can vouch for that they have done a great job. Their service is highly professional and personal and their response time is the minimum...""

Gen. Amarjit Singh Kahlon Retd.

""The opportunities so suggested are readily executed, where so mandated. Such ongoing personal attention is not readily available from corporate portfolio management service providers due to their inaccessibility and frequent changes in staff...""

Mr. Harpal Singh Alumni Harvard Business School

""It has been very satisfying to have them as our investment consultants. Their knowledge base, trust they inspired and ethics they observed are outstanding. I wish them well and glorious success in the future...""

Mr B. S. Devgan Executive Director, Swaraj Mazda Ltd., Mohali

""Mr. Iqbal Singh has been very kind personally with his time, with his advice, forgetting that I have a very small, minuscule investment. I would like to see in future, in not very distant future, Mr. Iqbal Singh to grow to higher heights and my ambition will be to see him as owner of a bank, may be a small one which naturally will grow to a big one once he starts...""

Mr. Jasjit Singh Bunny MLA, Banur

""I have had a very fruitful experience in this company... relationship wise and business wise my portfolio has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years... We need young, dynamic professionals like Iqbal and his company, his team and take our experiences from India, merge them globally and get experiences all over the world and give us ideas, give us direction, and show us light...""

Mr. Kulmeet Singh NRI & Global Investor

""...After a lot of time and due diligence I chose to book my money with Innovative and I have been happier with this relationship than I have been with my others, in large part because of the customer service that I have got here... They have continued to add to their repertoire and its not tools at the end of the day that give you a sense of satisfaction, its the customer service that a company brings. I have also ended up recommending Innovative to other friends in the U.S...""

Mr. Madhukar Malhotra Governer 2010-2011, Rotary International.

""Innovative Consultants have always been giving good performance. Even in the bad times they have come out with good advice. There has not been panic selling as in some other cases and the portfolio has grown and I am satisfied with the services. The best thing about Iqbal is the personalized approach. He never forgets to call and say hello once in a while and also talk about the portfolio even though his staff has been handling it for the last few years...""

Mr. S.C. Kohli Chairman, PHD Chamber of Commerce

""My association with Iqbal ji started almost a decade back when he was working with HDFC and thereafter he started his own company and we have been working together. I am very grateful to Iqbal ji for his timely advises. He has almost doubled my investments in last 6-7 years. He is knowledgeable, trustworthy. The company has been giving very prompt service for me as well as for my relations abroad, friends here. Whosoever I took to him was quite impressed and are very pleased to work with him and his company...""

Mr Birinder Singh Gill President, Chandigarh Golf Club

""The IFM group, as their name suggests, Innovative Financial Management, I think the 'Innovative' part is the most interesting aspect of this group and its because of their innovative approach to financial services and management that they have been able to put not only me but many others above the market as far as all these services are concerned. As the President of the Golf Club, I think IFM has been requested by us to join in for promotion of golf. Golfer Ranjit Singh has been sposored by IFM...""

Mr. S.K. Verma Director General of Police Retd., Punjab

""I had known Mr. Iqbal Singh when he was with the multinational banks. He has been maintaining excellent integrity unlike many other advisers with the clients, right from the inception I have been associated with him. Over the years he has developed his technical skills also in a very very commendable way. His team is excellent, particularly I would love to mention Pankaj Sharma whom I have been bothering very frequently... Their capacity to analyse, to present it in a very impartial way in the interest of the investors which is very important..." "

Mr. H.S. Sethi Managing Director, Gilard Electronics

""He approached us and because of his very straight forwardness in dealings we opted to invest through him. In the last 5 years we have got very good experience and basically because of his ethics and understanding about the business and the depth which he has got in investing money, u know, at the right time, at the right place. Till date we are fully satisfied with his working and wish him full success.""

Mr. Beant Singh Senior I.A.S. Officer

""I as a client and as a friend are very proud of him and his all the young team members who have done tremendously very well. Once again I wish this venture, this enterprise great success and I am sure they will grow in future.""

Mr. H.K. Singhal Director - Finance, Indian Aclyrics Limited

""Main Iqbal Singh ji ke saath mere khayal mein 10 saal se zyada se deal kar raha hoon aur wo mujhe tabse advise kar rahe hain ki mujhe kahan invest karna chahiye, kahan par mujhe wapas aa jana chahiye... Jabse unhone operate kiya hai as Innovative Consultants, uske baad unhone services ko bahut improve kiya hai, technology wise, hamein regular updates milte hain... Hamesha hi unka staff available hai, kabhi bhi unko call kijiye, you get prompt replies...""

Justice Madan Mohan Aggarwal Former Judge of Punjab and Haryana High Court Chairman VAT Tribunal Punjab

""I had been having dealings with Innovative Consultants for the last two and a half years after my retirement as Judge of the High Court. They are my fund managers. I have found them to be very cooperative. Every time they had been attending to the queries promptly and giving proper advice...""

Mr. Desh Deepak Khanna Director , Chandika Printing Press

""I have been knowing Iqbal since about two and a half to three years, started investing through him two and a half years back. Innovative Consultants are giving a very good service. They have been coming to us when ever we wanted them to take any advice, any redemption or take further investment in any mutual fund. Considering that they are in competition with big banks and they started on a very small scale, they are doing very well and they are giving services which are at par with any investment advisor.""

Mr. Ashok Rajpal Managing Director, Agri Impex, Karnal

""I have been dealing with Innovative Financial Management since 2004. My experience dealing with them has been great and the return on my investment is undefinable and the service level and the courtesy level and the back up support has been very regular and every year there has been a special day when we get gifts from Innovative Financial Management as a planner for the whole year and that is highly commendable and I would ask other people of my community to be associated with IFM...""

Dr. G.S. Kochar Renowned Practioner & Owner of Deep Hospital, Chandigarh.

""As a investor I have seen good advisor should be ethical, professional, knowledgeable, and give advise to the investor so that they are maximum benefited and I have seen Mr. Iqbal and Innovative team fulfill all this criteria. I wish they should continue the same near future also. Another good thing they have started is one good topic every first Saturday of the month which is very informative to the investor...""

Mr. Rajesh Jogpal City Magistrate, Panchkula

""I have been associated since last 6 years with Innovative Consultants... Once I came in contact with them, the professional approach started. There was less chance of losses. There might not be very huge gains but certainly there were no losses and over the years the capital has multiplied at least more than 2 times... I have never seen such excellent service levels and such response time as if in an emergency...""

Gulshanbir Hira NRI Investor

""...Jadon vi main ithhe aauni haigi haan te mainu inna sohna welcome, as a home I feel ke I have come to very secure and my home place. Uston baad jehdi service mildi haigi hai, uhde wich I have so much trust and faith in that... Te jadon vi aaunde haige haan, koi problem hundi hai,... 10 mahine purani meri problem hundi hai te tussi 10 minute wich ohnu solve kar dinde ho. There's so much peace of mind behind my back and there's so much trust... Jehdi tussi Sardarji di death ton baad transition jehdi meri naam te kitti haigi hai, it was such smooth and efficient...""

Justice S. S. Sodhi Ex. Chairman, TRAI

""I have been a client of Innovative Consultants now for the last 5 years... I have never found them to have given me any wrong advice. In fact I have been suggesting them to other members of my family and to my friends... They are always available to me whenever I ask for any advice. If I call them, their man comes to me almost straightaway and if ever I have any money to invest, there is no question of my going to anyone else. They are far better than getting advice from any bank because I always suspect that banks have their own agenda...""

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