IFM financial advisory services helps you to create your personal finance plan by taking your present financial details and future anticipated goals, keeping in mind the projected returns and inflation rates.. IFM provides very user friendly online platform - FINANCIAL HEALTH CHECK tool to do financial planning.

This tool helps you to identify & prioritize your future needs & dreams, quantify them into financial terms and manage your resources in such a manner so as to fulfill all your goals based on your risk profile. It provides a roadmap to fulfill financial goals & aspirations, by identifying risks and managing resources & by taking into consideration different aspects of one’s financial assets & liabilitiesFinancial planning is not a onetime exercise; rather it is a continuous process. As a person walks through different phases of life, he has different responsibilities & obligations to fulfill., so time to time reviews of plan is conducted

IFM India follows the following process for financial planning:

  • ID Creation and Data input
    • Client creates his her Login ID & input his her data
    • Clients basic information.
    • Risk profiling.
    • Adding goals, their priority, timing and amount required for each goal.
    • Current resources & liabilities.
    • Current & projected cash flows of incomes and expenses.
    • Client will get summary of the plan and to get full & comprehensive plan he will have to send a request.
  • Creation of Detailed Plan
    • Net worth analysis and cash flow analysis.
    • Detailed report of cost and funding of all financial goals.
    • Detailed report of retirement planning and all other goals.
    • Estate planning.
    • Risk management.
  • Discussion & Finalization of created financial plan with client
    • To discuss the created financial plan with the client.
    • To finalize the financial plan.
  • Execution of financial plan
    • To execute the financial plan.
  • Review of the financial plan at regular intervals
    • we live in dynamic world where our goals and present conditions kept changing so we should review the plan on annual basis.
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