IFM helps you to create your personalized detailed retirement plan by knowing your expectations and needs during the retirement, keeping in mind your risk profile to reach theexpected returns and inflation. IFM also regularly review your retirement plan as we live indynamic world where our expectations, needs and situations keep changing over time and itbecomes very important to do the necessary changes in your retirement plan accordingly.

Post Retirement is the most important phase of every person as it gives freedom to lead yourlife in a relaxed atmosphere , follow passion and explore life . Everybody wants to enjoy his lifeafter retirement and doesn’t want to compromise his lifestyle even if the earnings drop. Due toincreasing life expectancy this phase is getting much longer and thus requires large funds to livethe life without depending on others or becoming financially insecure. Inflation also plays amajor role. So it becomes very important that everybody should plan for his/her retirement asearly as possible.Retirement plan calculates the amount you will require to live the life after retirement the wayyou dream and prepare a detailed action plan about how to reach that amount.. It is important to start planning early in life to have a comfortable retirement.

An extract of sample plan is given below:

Current Age (years) 30
Retirement Age (years) 60
Life Expectancy (years) 90
Annual Retirement Expenses (As per today's scenario) Rs. 600,000
Inflation 7%
Expenses required during the first year of retirement including inflation Rs. 4,567,353
Total Corpus Required at the beginning of the retirement Rs. 137,020,590.77
Monthly investment in equity funds till retirement (assuming annualreturn of 14%) Rs. 24,945
Monthly investment in debt funds till retirement (assuming annualreturn of 8%) Rs. 91,938
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